The Accident Diaries

As strong as I’m trying to be about this whole accident thing, it has not been easy, both physically and emotionally.

For the past 2 days my neck was in an incredible amount of pain to a point where I considered wearing my brother’s old neck brace. I was constantly feeling nauseous and I never really felt like eating (not that I ate much before). I have been trying to eat though because I have to take my medication with/after having a meal. However, on Sunday night, I spent a good 10 minutes throwing up what felt like everything I had eaten since the accident 😦 My dad gave me some medication to control the nausea, which seems to have prevented my insides from coming out, but has not settled the feeling. Since then I have been living off liquids and soft solids (outchea feeling like a toothless invalid).

Emotionally, I’m kind of a mess. I am learning to appreciate life and it’s little blessings a lot more now, but on the flip side, this damn thing is haunting the hell out of me! It keeps replaying in my head over and over again, particularly when I try to mentally prepare myself to MAYBE start driving again. I’m also stressed out because my exams start on Thursday, and I’m trying to work out a transport situation. I actually hate that this happened to me.

My neck is still in some pain and I still feel a little nauseous, but it’s a lot more bearable now than it was over the past few days. 

Today I have been in a GREAT mood though! However, I would be in a much better mood if someone who loves me so dearly, would be so kind as to buy me a doughnut and bring it to my house soon 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Accident Diaries

  1. *Virtual doughnut* Sorry i cant give u a proper one but maybe when we see each other,we can rectify that. I'll be praying for ya in the meantime. Lots of love


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