The Accident Diaries II

I’m making a lot of emotional progress with regards to this whole accident thing, which I’m quite proud of, if I may say so myself.

This past Sunday, my dad had to go to the Gautrain station in Hatfield because he had to go away for work, which obviously meant that I had to drive him there. Seeing as I had not driven at all since the accident, the thought of driving made me want to throw up. I really did not want to drive, and anyone who knows me well knows that if I do not want to do something that I do not have to do, I WILL NOT do it. Buuuut obviously I could not say no, so with a little motivational help from a tweep (@BusiDh1), I got behind the wheel and took the great first step to conquering my fear *Neil Armstrong voice*.
The minute I took off, I really felt like throwing up, but then I thought about how my dad had told me the previous night to “get over it” so yeah, I could not exactly start decorating his steering wheel with my breakfast. The drive to the station was not so bad because the conversation I was having with my dad distracted my thoughts most of the way, except for the part where the traffic lights at the Duncan street/Pretorius street intersection were not working (my biggest nightmare — EEK!). 
The drive home was a lot worse. I was over-thinking EVERYTHING! It felt like my driver’s licence test all over again. To top it all off, the traffic lights at the Schoeman street/Grosvenor street intersection were not working either. Like really?! -___-
Anyway I think it’s safe to say I drive like an old lady now 🙂
In other news, I really want my car back! I don’t know where it is or how long it is going to take to repair it (to be honest I have not bothered asking), but this life of using my Chevrolegs is not for me 😥
Hopefully it’ll be back in my possession soon!

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