2 Decades of Life!

Two days ago, 26 July 2012, I celebrated 2 decades of life! I’m officially no longer a teenager! Whoop whoop! πŸ™‚

My special day started off pretty early at approximately 06:30am. My dad barged into my room, woke me up and started singing “Happy Birthday”. After the the 1st verse, people usually sing “How old are you now?” to the “Happy Birthday” tune but instead my dad started singing “You’re not a teen anymore”, LOL! I found that absolutely hilarious and I was touched by his creativity. I gave him a really big hug and then he gave me an envelope. Inside the envelope was a card (how sweet!), a slab of Cadbury Top Deck chocolate (yum!) and cash (ka-ching!). A few minutes later, my brother came in to wish me a happy birthday and gave me a hug before rushing off to school. After lying in bed chatting away on the phone with good friends, I got ready for the day.

I went to Wimpy in Hatfield and met up with one of my best friends, Babz, for breakfast. She gave me Ferrero Rocher chocolate and a jewelry “tower” decorated with ribbons, which is great because now I can sort my jewelry into different compartments instead of having to untangle them constantly! She also gave me a gift from her twin sister, Nakato, which was the sweater I am wearing in the picture above! Love it!

After breakfast, we headed to Brooklyn Mall so that Babz could look for a new duvet and more importantly, so that I could see my friend, Mel. It was really great seeing Mel considering the fact that I had not seen her in months yet we talk every single day. She bought me a Berry Crush smoothie from Boost Juice Bar and it is honestly thee most divine smoothie I have ever had in my entire life!

I went to campus in the afternoon and actually attended my classes (bleh, but I figured 2 hours would not kill me). They were extremely boring as usual but at least I was present, lol. I visited some friends and we hung out and played Xbox. After that, I spoke to my boyfriend on the phone while fetching my brother from school and then I went home.

When I got home, I received phone calls from 2 of my cousins in England and Malaysia, which I appreciated a great deal! I was totally and utterly drained, but I had this weird urge to be around people and my brother and my dad had gone straight to bed. I left the house and went to see some friends, but they were busy and I got bored really quickly so I just went back home and watched Harry Potter movies till I fell asleep (which was interrupted by a phone call from my boyfriend at some stage, not that I minded :))

I had a great birthday! I was looking to have a chilled day and I was not keen on doing anything crazy. I saw and/or spoke to all the people closest to my heart which was all that really mattered to me.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! You all made my day extra special! πŸ™‚



Feature on Miranda’s Inside Scoop

Seakanyo Miranda Seakgosing (aka Sa’Khino) is a fashion stylist based in Melbourne, Australia. The other day I was featured on her fashion blog Miranda’s Inside Scoop.We had a photo shoot in Uganda which was loads of fun! I’m so glad I got to be a part of her blog because I am such a huge fan!

Check out the feature here: Skirting Around, UG style …

You can also:
Like her Facebook page here: SA’KHINO
Check out her website here: SA’KHINO Image & Style Consulting

Thank you for the early birthday present πŸ˜‰


Uganda – Thee Happy Place :)


A few weeks ago, I jetsetted to Uganda with my dad and my brother. I was BEYOND excited for this trip because I knew that  EVERYONE was going to be there! My extended family is pretty big so it is quite rare to have us all in one place at the same time, therefore I made it a point to spend at least some time with everyone, particularly my cousins. I really wanted to try and get to know them all a bit better πŸ™‚

I did not get up to much touristy stuff although I would have loved to have gone on safari. I attended my cousin’s wedding which was a truly beautiful and fun event. I also attended my grandmother’s memorial which was kinda weird for me because it still does not feel like she’s gone. Otherwise I just shopped a lot, relaxed, went clubbing and got a manicure, all of which I did with as many cousins as possible, LOL. I also had a long, motivational and insightful conversation with one of my aunts.

I did a lot of reflecting while I was in Uganda as well. I dunno what it is about that place that made me think so much, but I did not really mind since I was kinda getting some clarity about some aspects of my life.

Words cannot sufficiently describe the joy that overcomes my heart when I spend time with my family. It’s actually crazy how excited I get. I suppress it a little obviously, because I don’t wanna look like a weirdo lol. I am just really at peace and my heart is so happy when I am with my family. In those moments, I do not need anyone or anything else. The peace I had while I was in Uganda is a peace I have never ever experienced in South Africa. Sure, I have my happy places here and there but Uganda is THEE happy place! I do not know what is stopping me from having/finding that kind of peace here but I am determined to find it.

I learnt the value of family and realized how much they truly mean to me because I do not have extended family around me on a regular basis. I do not have cousins here that I can just pick up the phone and call and go to lunch or the movies with, so when I do get an opportunity to spend time with them, I seize it with everything I have! I actually find myself craving that quality time every single day.

Anyway that trip was way too short 😦 I hope my family has another big reunion soon!

Below are a few pics from the trip.


My daddy

Dancing /(^^,)/

Dancing to “We Found Love” πŸ˜€

Cute couple πŸ™‚

My all-time favourite wedding picture

Me and my brother

Priceless dancing facial expressions

My niece’s letter to my grandmother


Keep a Tender Heart

A tender heart attracts more mercy.

A hard and stubborn heart attracts judgement.

A heart that is at rest and at peace with God, becomes beautified. A heart full of turmoil becomes ugly.

A heart is like clay. A potter can only shape clay that is soft. A potter cannot shape clay that is hard without breaking it.

Allow God to protect your heart, don’t protect it yourself. Your instinct is to harden your heart in order to protect it, as we are very vulnerable as human beings. This causes you miss out on God’s mercy.

A hard heart will always crack and break, but a soft heart will inherit His promises.

Beautify your heart daily. Turn away from hardness and stubbornness.

A tender heart = a beautiful heart