This thing called “friendship”.

“I love too much to be bent by simplicity and what the norm is becoming. It’s easy to make friends; it’s difficult to keep them.”


Tonight, I could use a friend. I could use their intentionality while listening to me blab on about what has happened, about those things called feelings and emotions. I could use their insight and advice, their gentleness and patience. I could use their optimism and blind assurance of “it will be ok” because maybe tonight I could believe them.

Tonight, I wonder what a friend is. Just because I wonder doesn’t mean that I’m questioning any of you, my friends, as I write this now, but in all honesty, what defines a friend? I don’t think my definition is the same as yours and that’s why I think people get it wrong. People will treat their friends how they’d want to be treated; it just makes sense, plus it’s the easiest way to go about this business called “friendship”. But that sucks. What happened to putting effort into knowing someone…

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