The Light

I questioned myself more often than not

What do I have that they haven’t got?

So insecure, doubted myself

Anxious to a level that was detrimental to my health

Things I can’t change, affected me so

Trying to learn how to let go

I’ve been through a lot

I was braver than most

I have a good heart

My intentions are pure

I live to love

I live to be loved

I live for my happiness and that of my loves

I care too much, often obliviously selfless

I enjoy doing good deeds that make people smile

I am crazy and weird and warm and friendly …

But memories are essential to me: making them, having them, treasuring them … material things are nothing without them …

I have a love/hate relationship with life, but I love sharing it too, which is where I find the beauty in all of it. Like the light trapped behind a cloud after a storm …