Self-Love & Other Stuff

Question 24: What have you learnt about self-love?


Self-love makes you realise that you have some sort of control over how people treat you. When you’re solely looking out for yourself, whoever wants to be in your life will make an effort to be in it, and any bad energy/negative vibes should be eliminated without a second thought.  Self-love teaches you to look after yourself before you even consider putting anyone else before you.

Question 25: Do you have a bucket list? Ticked off anything this year (2016)?


I don’t have a bucket list apart from wanting to go to Jamaica. I sort of work on an ad-hoc basis.



3 thoughts on “Self-Love & Other Stuff

  1. Aww…
    You want to come to JA? Come!

    I wanna give my own answers:

    Q. 24: Self love means realizing that you: your happiness, your honesty, your journey should always selfishly come first. This is a single life, you don’t get to go again, focus on molding yourself into a work of art. When it comes to others, kindness and vulnerability are usually the formula for connection but it takes bravery, practise, a thick skin and possibly a lifetime to achieve all these qualities. And that’s okay because the journey is worth it.

    Q. 25: Yes. I made one when I was 15. About 40 items are on that list but I have no idea where that list is now. LOL.

    — Blessings

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