Me & The Corporate Whale

I’m not particularly religious but the Bible story of Jonah and the Whale seems to be a perfect way to describe my corporate experience so far. For those that are not familiar with the story, the following is my understanding of a Googled summary: Jonah was ordered by God to go somewhere. He refused and boarded a ship to go some place else. In response, … Continue reading Me & The Corporate Whale

Beyond Passion

I truly admire people who have hobbies that they are passionate about: whether it’s poetry, fitness or playing an instrument. I admire that they have that one thing that they can always go back to that will make them happy, no matter what the circumstance. Something constructive and healthy that they can use to escape. Other people’s passions may not interest you entirely, but it … Continue reading Beyond Passion

This thing called “friendship”.

Originally posted on kendallharbour:
Tonight, I could use a friend. I could use their intentionality while listening to me blab on about what has happened, about those things called feelings and emotions. I could use their insight and advice, their gentleness and patience. I could use their optimism and blind assurance of “it will be ok” because maybe tonight I could believe them. Tonight, I… Continue reading This thing called “friendship”.