Success of a Different Kind

Question 29: Do you think happiness is achievable? What steps are you taking to make it a reality?


I do think that happiness is achievable, as temporary as it may be or seem. I am actively trying to engage in things that bring me joy and cutting out any enemies of progress or negative energy. I want to be great and I realise that that requires a strong presence of positive energy and support.

Question 30: What are your expectations for 2017? In terms of self-love and your mental health?


I expect great things. I am keen for development, personally and career-wise. I haven’t believed in myself as much as I have in the past month, which was helped by the fact that my parents have supported me fully, and made me believe in myself. I learn new things about how to manage my mental health every day and I am always open to realisations/new ways to ensure that I live a happy, fulfilling life.