Be Easy

Question 13: One thing you can’t live without?


My iPhone. My entire life is on it: reminders, calendar events, memories … everything. Without it, I would feel pretty empty (I’m also a bit of an Apple fanatic so there’s that).

Question 14: Do you have any fears and what are you doing to overcome them?


Off the top of my head, my biggest fear currently is failure. I hate not being good at anything and if I’m not good at it, then I don’t want to do it at all (if possible, not unless I HAVE to), or I completely reject it (out of sight, out of mind), or I end up resenting it (when I have to do it but I’ve developed a hatred for it). If/when I don’t excel at something, I consider that a failure. So I am learning to be less hard on myself if/when I don’t excel at something the first time around.

Question 15: Four things that make you laugh/smile?

Answer: Money; food; satirical cartoons; and acts of kindness