Success of a Different Kind

Question 29: Do you think happiness is achievable? What steps are you taking to make it a reality?


I do think that happiness is achievable, as temporary as it may be or seem. I am actively trying to engage in things that bring me joy and cutting out any enemies of progress or negative energy. I want to be great and I realise that that requires a strong presence of positive energy and support.

Question 30: What are your expectations for 2017? In terms of self-love and your mental health?


I expect great things. I am keen for development, personally and career-wise. I haven’t believed in myself as much as I have in the past month, which was helped by the fact that my parents have supported me fully, and made me believe in myself. I learn new things about how to manage my mental health every day and I am always open to realisations/new ways to ensure that I live a happy, fulfilling life.



Beyond Passion

I truly admire people who have hobbies that they are passionate about: whether it’s poetry, fitness or playing an instrument. I admire that they have that one thing that they can always go back to that will make them happy, no matter what the circumstance. Something constructive and healthy that they can use to escape.

Other people’s passions may not interest you entirely, but it almost always helps you expand your view of them, and discover dimensions of them that you never would have discovered had you not stepped into their world.

I often feel honoured when a person feels comfortable enough to share that side of themselves, with me. They feel comfortable enough to show me a vulnerable side of them which people most likely take for granted.

All I can say is … don’t trample on their souls.